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Recommendation later to you - By Chief Mz

Name: Rodrick Ramadhani
Occupation: Artist
Hobbies: Music and Poetry

He is an artist

It's been days without receiving
But we intend to be surviving
All of what is meant to be known is ignored
Receiving the instruction with our heads we just node
A sign of understanding or is just a sign of accepting
To avoid ignorance and irritating

We are meant for something big
Create a nation, create a league
So many sorts of knowledge and wisdom to acquire
Every Second ought to be connected like a wire
Time is not to be spared
Seek not for wisdom and our brains get cleared

Are we meant to live and die?
The imagination that lives on the surface can't fly
Dreaming big and affording to remake a reality
So the world can see the amazing works in simplicity
Denying the possibilities that can exist
Sitting down checking unavailable things on thy list
Waiting for others to discover
The black space is left uncover

"Tomorrow I will make a change!"
It's been a song to all youth in a range
So many ideas have gone in veil
Left on big ocean as exported goods on land to sail
The hopeless dying brain
Still waiting for the time to come, oh (like) rain
The world's change is in your head
The world is in your hand
/**So many great changes has been done*/

Told by a reverend to always pray
recommended by the doctor two tablets a day
'Well my son study hard'
explore the knowledge it wont make you mad
We are the boundaries of ourselves
limiting our minds that needs to me saved
The letter of recommendation
knowledge and wisdom is an obligation

Searched even to the world's edge
we call that knowledge
Surrounded freely in a dome
Seeking for the so called wisdom
Not to be expected to fall like a grace
But it must be found and worth to embrace
The recommendation

Composed & Written by : Mz-Rodrick Ramadhani (Reborn)

Old school Easter eggs.